Sticky Subnavigation

This page shows the sticky subnavigation component. An editor can choose from two different background types: solid and gradient. The solid background type has the options: Light, Dark and Primary.

Under the default settings a Call To Action button can be toggled < show/hide >, this button can have a reference to a different page, or a # to a section on current page.

Under the navigation settings an editor can add desired navigation items. Each navigation item has a title and a drop down with a reference to a section on the current page.

Please note: make sure the referenced sections have a 'anchor' property!

Sticky Subnavigation

A section with a 21:9 ratio

With a gradient

Sticky Subnavigation

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A container section with a black background


A container section with an image background

A section with a larger background.

This sections background will be larger then usual and will appear, in part, appear below the content of the section above it.

Scroll to hero-container

This shows the Sticky Subnavigation scrolling to the Hero Container.

Anchor undefined example of hero-container

And also to create some offset to see navigation item getting active on scrolling over the previous hero-container.