EOS Card Carousel + EOS Receiver

This page shows the EOS card carousel component and the complementary EOS receiver. An editor can define content in the receiver that corresponds to each card. When a user then clicks on a card the corresponding content is shown in the receiver. Below is an example of that.

The way of working for these components is the following:

  • Place the EOS card carousel and EOS receiver components on the same page.
  • Define an unique Id for the receiver in the dialog of the EOS receiver and select it in the dialog of the EOS card carousel.
  • Create EOS cards in the EOS Settings tab of the EOS card carousel dialog.
  • Go to Preview mode and select a card.
  • Go back to Edit mode and define the content for that card in the receiver, by placing components in the EOS receiver.
  • Repeat the two steps above untill all cards have content.

Please note: when removing cards from the carousel, be sure to remove the content in the receiver for this card first!

EOS Receiver

The EOS receiver is displayed below, including some examples of content that can be shown in it.